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We are a farm implement factory which is deal with machienries supply in China.

Easy to get. This is the philosophy of Equipmix Group. 

We understand much worries from the customers who want to do International trade. We listen them and help them.Strive to provide customers with easy access to quality products and services.So this website come out.

We,Equipmix Group,as an international trading office of our factory has exported for 3 years.And our team is still growing.Unlike other trading companies,we need much more fresh customers to join us.That is why we pay attention to the need of every customer.We advocate an Internet shopping experience that is different from traditional trade. Provide economically viable procurement solutions for customers in various countries.

The customers who made deal with us always become our friends. We share happiness in life. I am sure you will be one of them.

主  要  产  品
Our  Main  Products
Wheel Tractors
From 20 HP to 220 HP Tractors
Farm Implements
 Plough,Harrow,Planter,Trailer,Tiller etc
Saw Machinery
Table saw,hydraulic saw,chain saw